NYC Midnight Microfiction Challenge 2022

Here are my NYC Midnight competition entries and where they placed.

Final Round

I wasn't in the winning 10 stories, sadly, but I did get some very good feedback.

  • Genre: Any
  • Word: Lift
  • Action: Someone laughing

Self Conscious

Ha ha ha.


Was that… incorrect?

Try to sound less flat. Like this: “ha ha ha!”


Well, that’s louder. Can you make it warmer, more, uh…



Ha ha ha?

Close! Lose the lift at the end but keep the energy.

Ha ha ha!

Perfect. You’ll be ready to leave the lab in no time. Let’s see how your new dermal layer is bonding; we don’t want your face slipping off again.

Ha ha ha! It tickles.


A joke.

Oh! Ha ha! Good one, X53. Now hold still, you need a couple more staples.

Second Round

2nd place in group 10

  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Word: Itch
  • Action: Twisting an ankle

Down For The Count

Twenty minutes into the match and I’m on the top rope. The lights roar, the crowd blazes.

Below me Stella Steel is shining with sweat and glitter. She’s a goddess: powerful, beautiful, stuck up.

She flashes me a look. Hurry up. I launch, itching to take her down, and instantly know I’ve botched it. I sail into the ring like a grand piano. My ankle twists, flares with pain.

Stella pins me. Lowers her face to mine.
I nod.
She smiles.
It’s over.

A medic asks how I’m feeling. I don’t tell them about the butterflies.

First Round

3rd place in group 34

  • Genre: Romance
  • Word: Plenty
  • Action: Printing a photograph


Plenty is my neighbour at the retirement home. She smiles slow, then it breaks like a wave.

Meanwhile, I’m a scrawl in a bottle: Love me, please? Drifting, hoping. I could never read the tides, even as a young woman.

The faces in these photos are only smudges now, she says one day. I offer up my all-in-one printer; Let me enlarge your memories.

In the picture her smile is a blaze of furious delight. I trace the curve of her arm to her half-hidden hand in the hand of the woman beside her.

Holding their love, my heart dances.