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Awards-eligible works 2022

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Photo by Jonah Pettrich / Unsplash

It's that time of year, so... Here are the stories I have had published in 2022. I'd be very grateful to anyone who considers them for nomination or recommendation for any relevant awards coming up.

  • "Down In the Wreck of The Promise" appeared in Spirit Machine: Tales of Séance Fiction published by Air and Nothingness Press in April 2022. A science fantasy story about community, and what to do with your ghosts.
  • "Channelsea" appeared in issue two of Archive of the Odd in September 2022. A 'found fiction' horror story using a variety of different documents - from a union newsletter to a WWII memorandum - to tell a story about exploitation through the history of a mysterious urban island.
  • "Subsidence" appeared in The Dead Inside: An Anthology of Identity Horror published by Dark Dispatch in March 2022. Flash piece combining beauty and body horror to explore the devastation and liberation of confronting past trauma.
  • "Tilly's Dolls" appeared in 96th of October in September 2022. A horror / dark fantasy story set in a miniature gothic world inspired by children's classics like The Secret Garden and Five Children And It.
  • "The Sun and the Sweet, Black Earth" appeared in lavender bones issue two in July 2022. The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice retold as a queer ghost story, a meditation on life and death, denial and acceptance.
  • "Canary Glass" appeared in Wyldblood Magazine issue nine in July 2022. A horror story about a radioactive fruit bowl.
  • "The Photographer's House" appeared in Literally Stories in June 2022. A humorous haunted house story inspired by the grand homes of Great Men with dark secrets.
  • "Greenkeeper" appeared in Dream of Shadows anthology issue four in August 2022. Horror flash in which a hedge fund manager meets a hedge witch and undergoes a terrible transformation, or perhaps receives a blessing, depending on how you look at it.

If you would like to read any of these as part of your awards reading but cannot access them, please email me for a copy.