Writing workshops and classes

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Creative writing workshops, courses, and classes, either online or in-person in the UK.

Open workshops are listed here, but if you would like to arrange a private workshop for your school, group, organisation, or event, please contact me.

Upcoming creative writing workshops and courses

I’ve got several online workshops and courses open at the moment, or coming up soon:

Previous writing workshops

Here are some other creative writing classes and workshops that I've run recently. If you'd be keen on joining or hosting any of these please let me know at sarah.i.jackson[at]gmail.com:

  • Design-A-Ghost: Creating Unforgettable Spectres
  • Haunted Objects: A Domestic Horror Writing Workshop
  • Fairy Folklore Writing Workshop
  • Writing About Trauma Self Care Workshop
  • Tools for Writing About Trauma Workshop

My approach

I aim for my workshops to be encouraging, entertaining, inclusive, and trauma-sensitive. I try to balance craft insights or theory with reading examples from other authors, plus games, prompts, and exercises to get people writing.

What people say

  • "Clearly you're a skilled and experienced teacher. Your positivity and appreciation of all comments and contributions was fantastic, important and surprisingly rare."
  • "The prompts were amazing—very generative, specific yet flexible. I have several story ideas now."
  • "I really appreciate how you made the workshop a safe space with trigger warnings, not forcing people to share or speak."
  • "This was phenomenal and I will definitely be recommending it to colleagues!"
  • "This has been an AMAZING workshop. Thank you so much for the wonderful timing, commentary, background material, enthusiasm. Loved the balance of information/writing. THANK YOU!"

About me

My fantasy, horror, and science fiction short stories and poems have been published in magazines including Translunar Travelers Lounge, Electric Spec, and Wyldblood Magazine, and included in popular anthologies produced by Air and Nothingness Press, Dark Dispatch, and Ghost Orchid Press. Some of my work is available to read online.

I've been delivering successful in-person and online classes, talks, and workshops for individuals, charities, community groups, and schools for over a decade.

Before that, I studied MSc Gender, Sexuality, Politics & Culture at Birkbeck College, University of London, and BA English Literature at King's College, University of Cambridge. You can find more information about my education and professional background on my LinkedIn profile.

I'm a certified Write Your Self trauma-sensitive writing guide, a member of Lapidus International and the National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE), and I have a Level 4 Certificate in Counselling Skills from Warwick University Centre for Lifelong Learning.