Close up photo of moss and cup lichen

Short stories

"The Willingham Bay Witches" will appear in Electric Spec magazine in February 2023. A would-be detective falls for a femme fatale in a seaside town.

"Great Mother Broth" will appear in Translunar Travelers Lounge in February 2023. A fantasy story about family, featuring a selection of troll swear words.

"Angel of the Woods" will appear in sage cigarettes in February 2023. A queer folk horror story about coming home, set in Cornwall.

An audio version of "The Photographer's House" was recorded by Creepy Podcast in January 2023. A humorous haunted house story inspired by the grand homes of Great Men with dark secrets.

"The Adit" appeared in Rural Fiction Magazine in December 2022. A ghost story inspired by a childhood visit to a nearby abandoned mine.

£ "Channelsea" appeared in issue two of Archive of the Odd in September 2022. A 'found fiction' horror story using a variety of different documents - from a union newsletter to a WWII memorandum - to tell a story about exploitation through the history of a mysterious urban island.

"Tilly's Dolls" appeared in 96th of October in September 2022. A dark fantasy story set in a miniature gothic world inspired by children's classics like The Secret Garden and Five Children And It.

"The Sun and the Sweet, Black Earth" appeared in lavender bones issue two in July 2022. The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice retold as a queer ghost story, a meditation on life and death, denial and acceptance.

£ "Canary Glass" appeared in Wyldblood Magazine issue nine in July 2022. A horror story about a radioactive fruit bowl.

"The Photographer's House" appeared in Literally Stories in June 2022. A humorous haunted house story inspired by the grand homes of Great Men with dark secrets.

£ "Down In the Wreck of The Promise" appeared in Spirit Machine: Tales of Séance Fiction published by Air and Nothingness Press in April 2022. A science fantasy story about community, and what to do with your ghosts.

"The Spinning Circle" appeared in Noctivagant Issue 3 in December 2021. A historical fantasy fable about love, possession, and collective violence.

Flash fiction

"The Ordinary Souls" appeared in BOMBFIRE in January 2023. A ghost story about our uncelebrated dead.

£ "Greenkeeper" appeared in Dream of Shadows anthology issue four in August 2022. In which a hedge fund manager meets a hedge witch and undergoes a terrible transformation, or perhaps receives a blessing, depending on how you look at it.

£ "Subsidence" appeared in The Dead Inside: An Anthology of Identity Horror published by Dark Dispatch in March 2022. Uses beauty and body horror to explore the devastation and liberation of confronting past trauma.

"Pearl" appeared in Tales From Between issue 1 in October 2021. Horror story about a kind neighbour.

"One Box of Earth" appeared in The Cabinet of Heed Issue 48 in July 2021. When an empty ship drifts into harbour, Annie must battle the forces of darkness to protect her vegetable patch.

Micro fiction

"Your Poison" won first place in The Future Fire's #NoirFire tweet-length story competition in June 2022.

£ "Urban Wildlife" appeared in Wyrms: An Anthology of Dragon Drabbles, published by Shacklebound Books in July 2022.

£ "Real Human Skull, Medical Specimen, $450" appeared in Ellipsis Zine #10 in November 2021

"How Our Local Wine Bar Ended Up On The Ghost Tour" appeared in Fifty Word Stories in August 2021.

"Unfinished Business" appeared in The Drabble in July 2021.

£ "A Place for Everything and Everything In Its Place" appeared in Home: Hundred Word Horror anthology published by Ghost Orchid Press in February 2021.


"All The Bells Under The Sea" will appear in Crow & Cross Keys in February 2023.

Non fiction


Voices From History: East London Suffragettes with Rosemary Taylor, published by The History Press in 2014.


Haunted objects in women's weird fiction, published by Horrified Magazine in July 2021.

‘Women quite unknown’: working-class women in the suffrage movement, published by the British Library in 2018.

Mary East (aka James How) and Mrs How of the White Horse, Poplar, published on the East End Women’s Museum blog in 2017.

Where are women in the history of art? originally published by Women’s History Month in 2011, updated in 2017.