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Editor's note

Multicoloured sunset sky with silhouetted black trees in the foreground with a small figure of a witch and two cats

Welcome to issue three of Inner Worlds.

These fourteen short stories explore subjects including trauma, psychosis, dissociation, and compulsion, as well as care, companionship, self understanding, and acceptance. They are set in a kaleidoscope of different locations, including an interdimensional Goth nightclub, a therapeutic smart home which manifests your worries, and even the set of a TV show rather like Robot Wars.

Our cover art for this issue, ‘Wanderer’, created by Carly A-F, is full of lush colour and texture. It invites us to look ahead and step boldly into our unknown future, whatever may be watching us from the dark woods behind.

I hope you enjoy this issue. If you do, please let our wonderful authors and artist know! And if you like what we’re doing here please consider subscribing to support the magazine.

Sarah Jackson, June 2024

Table of contents

Cover artist

Carly A-F is a freelance illustrator from the UK with a dramatic, colourful style. Her work is a combination of traditional and digital media, and is inspired by nature, science, myth and magic. She works on book covers, posters, picture books, games and more!

'Wanderer' is the mysterious tale of a witch who wanders in the wild places of the world. She will return in further adventures.