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Editor's Note

Editor's Note
Artwork 'this cereal is stale' by Marie Magnetic, more info below!

Welcome to Inner Worlds’ second issue. In these twelve stories, you’ll find space travel, necromancy, a sentient house, a monstrous birth, magic moss, and a human fawn. But these strange worlds are also our world, and these are also stories about oppression, conflict, alienation, crumbling systems, and changing communities. And true to our mission, each story foregrounds the emotions and experiences of people caught in these moments, which are both fantastic and familiar.

Our cover art for this issue, created by Marie Magnetic, is an explosion of colour and energy with some enigmatic shadows. Like all my favourite abstract artworks, the more I look into it, the more I see.

I hope you enjoy this issue. If you do, please let our wonderful authors and artist know! And if you like what we’re doing here please think about subscribing to support the magazine.

Sarah Jackson
February 2024

Table of contents

Cover artist

Marie Magnetic (b. 1989) is a Chicago-based visual artist working mainly in acrylics, collage, and found object sculpture. Marie was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Central Michigan University in 2017. She originally worked in positions with child services, state government, and several library roles before returning to art during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2023, Marie held her first solo exhibit at Little Broken Things in Chicago. Marie has received grants from Foundation House, The Haven Foundation, and the New York Foundation for the Arts. Additionally, her work has been published in Haus-a-Rest, HNDL Mag, and Modern Renaissance Magazine. Marie is dedicated to exploring culture and the multi-faceted realm of humanity through her art.

“As a painting, collage, and mixed media artist, I examine dystopia, delight, and delusion in society. My work is inspired by my experiences as a Jewish, Indigenous, neurodivergent, and queer woman. Much of my art focuses on neurodivergence, feminist issues, and sociopolitical commentary. I grew up in a small town in Michigan, and my experiences there have also motivated my artistic practice. Many times, I witnessed loved ones’ struggles with, or personally experienced systemic oppression due to addiction, mental illness, disability, racism, and poverty. Within my art, I reflect on the mundane, the morose, and the magnificently mad while considering the experiences of being othered in society. My process is influenced by a bit of absurdity, surrealism, and satire, in which I aim to engage my audience and play with color and form. I like to experiment with and through art, delving into a world where familiarity and the unknown merge. My goal as an artist is to think about the world differently, question societal norms, and consider a greater social consciousness.”