Write Your Self

Write Your Self
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I'm a certified Write Your Self trauma-sensitive writing guide, offering workshops, courses, individual guidance, and written feedback for people who are interested in using writing to support their healing and recovery.

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If you are interested in individual guidance or receiving written feedback on your writing, please contact me at kestrelcopy@gmail.com.

About Write Your Self

Write Your Self is an evidence-based methodology for trauma-sensitive writing developed by a team of educators, writers, and communicators with both professional and personal experience of healing trauma.

The method was originally developed in Sweden to work with women who have experienced violence or abuse, but is now used all over the world to support people who have suffered trauma due to a range of reasons, including bereavement, bullying, illness, or conflict.

The writer defines whether they’ve experienced trauma and what it consisted of, and there is no requirement to write about any specific topic. It is always the writer who chooses writing topics and who owns the right to define their own experiences.


Write Your Self’s methodology rests upon three pillars:

  • Writing after trauma. Writing after trauma can be about writing about trauma – about the writer’s own experiences of trauma. But it can also be about writing after experiences of trauma – in the aftermath of trauma. It is always the writer who chooses what topics they want to write about.
  • The writing process.  The method offers a writing process in eight steps, created to help the writer examine what they need in order to be able to create safe, sustainable writing habits.
  • The writer’s choice and empowerment. Trauma often causes a feeling of powerlessness and loss of agency. Write Your Self was developed to help the writer reclaim choice and empowerment through writing.

If you'd like to find out more about Write Your Self or see other guides offering courses and workshops in your area, visit www.writeyourself.com.

Write Your Self can be a powerful complement to therapy or other treatments, but it is not designed to replace them. If you are in acute distress please seek proper medical care and support from a psychological professional.